Resident Evil 3: The Board Game

We were kindly gifted Resident Evil 3: The Board Game and its expansion The City of Ruin by Steamforged Games. This game is a tabletop port of the video game Resident Evil 3. For those of you unfamiliar with the Resident Evil franchise, it is a series of games that follows the after-effects of the […]

Oh My Brain by 25th Century Games

We were gifted Oh My Brain from 25th Century Games to review, a fun card game where you are trying to keep your brains from being eaten by zombie animals! First person to lose all their brains (which happens over a series of rounds) triggers the end game and the player with the most brains […]

Delicious by Pencil First Games

We were kindly sent Delicious by Pencil First Games to review, their latest flip and write game for 1-100 players. In this game, you’re trying to collect the most points through your garden selections over 12 rounds. Each player will get a Garden sheet, Play sheet, and a supplied pencil. The Play sheet is for […]

Dinner Table Debates

We were kindly sent Dinner Table Debates for review, a new Kickstarter game about deep debate conversation through cards. To start you find and shuffle the Agree, Disagree and Moderator cards and give one card to each of the three main players randomly (with any other players being called The Gallery). The player who has […]

Viticulture by Stonemaier Games

We were kindly gifted Viticulture by Stonemaier Games for review. It is a worker placement strategy game for 1-6 players. You take the role of a wine maker and will setup your winery to harvest the most grapes, make the best wine and fulfil orders to make the most lira. There are a whopping 462 […]

Carked It!

Trigger warning: This game deals with the theme of death We were kindly gifted Carked It! by our friends at Guildmaster Games who are working with The Ageing Revolution on this game. This game is all about morbid storytelling that centers around the current player’s cause of death. Not many people make party games around […]

Merry Madness by The Op

This Halloween season we were gifted Merry Madness by The Op to review. This game follows the same gameplay style of Mickey and Friends: Food Fight and National Parks: Get Wild also by The Op, in a fun all-at-once roll-and-toss game. What then, makes Merry Madness, a different game? It is more in the storytelling […]

Animal Adventures: Secrets of Gullet Cove

We were given Secrets of Gullet Cove to review by Steamforged Games. Secrets of Gullet Cove serves as a 5e compatible sourcebook. It has a whopping 227 pages of  lore that is beautifully brought to life with artwork. Dungeons and Dragons can easily be transformed into Dungeons and Doggies and suddenly the world of D&D […]

Turf War by Gadabout Games

We were kindly gifted Turf War, The Turf War Fantasy Pack and Turf War: Trick or Treat for review by Gadabout Games. Turf Wars is a two player game where your goal is to have the best yard in order to sway as many of the neighbors as possible and score the most points. This […]

Venn by The Op

We were sent Venn by The Op for review. Venn is a clue-giving party game that has both cooperative and competitive team modes for varied play. In either mode the game lasts about 20-30 minutes. The game is made up of Venn diagrams, large colorful circles in which Art cards are placed by a Clue […]


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