Godtear- An Epic 2 Player Miniature Battle

We were gifted God Tear: The Eternal Glade (and several expansions) by Steamforged Games for review. In this two player epic battle game, you control champions in a post-apocalyptic world. Long ago, the ancient gods battled as wars were fought and the earth was ravaged by battle. The death of these gods caused cataclysmic crystals […]

Gimme That! By Dolphin Hat Games

Gimme That! is the latest game by Dolphin Hat Games, creators of the popular title Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. They did it again, they’ve created a game that whenever brought to the table consistently has everyone laughing, shouting and having fun. In Gimme That!, you work for the Bureau of Spud Management, and you […]

Treeblox by Philip Olenyk

We were kindly sent Treeblox to review. Treeblox, created by Philip Olenyk, is a 3D game for two players. This game revolves around building trees and attempting to catch more sunlight than your opponent, which may mean blocking their leaves using your branches to block their sunlight. Each person gets a set of leaves and […]

National Parks: Get Wild published by The Op

National Parks: Get Wild was sent to us for review by The Op. In this game each person is assigned a national park. The goal is to try and remove all animal species not native to that area and collect the species that are. You start the game with all of the animals that are […]

Mountains Out of Molehills

We were given the chance to review Mountains Out of Molehills by The Op Games. In this adorable game, you play as moles that have traveled from around the globe to compete in the Mountain Maker Tournament. To win, you must control the tallest mountains to be crowned the champion. It is a light strategy […]

Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest

We were gifted Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest for review by Stonemaier Games. In this nautical themed game you play as a group of pirates that sail on the winds in search for everything a pirate could every want. Adventure, treasure and glory. You set sail on three voyages (or rounds) throughout the game, each one […]

Super Mario Chess

We received Super Mario Collector’s Edition Chess for review from The Op. The timeless battle between Mario and Bowser meets the ancient game of chess. This collector’s edition of a classic strategy games boasts 32 custom hand-painted pieces that will add flair to any board game shelf. The pieces are beautifully crafted and come in […]

Three Sisters Roll-and-Write by 25th Century Games

We were sent Three Sisters to review by 25th Century Games. This game is a unique addition to the roll-and-write genre. The theme mainly revolves around farming corn, bean, and pumpkins (the Three Sisters technique where each plant helps the others grow). To begin the game you first roll the dice (the number of dice […]

YAHTZEE – SPAM and Cup Noodles editions published by The Op

We were sent SPAM and Cup Noodles editions of YAHTZEE for review by The Op. These are the same classic game in a new packaging style. Each game comes with 5 six-sided die and a container to shake the die in. We are always up for any game that has a good food theme attached […]

My Little Scythe- Pie in the Sky

My Little Scythe Pie in the Sky was gifted to us by Stonemaier Games for review. It is an expansion for My Little Scythe and the base game is required to play. This medium sized expansion adds a new level of strategy and changes the game elements just enough to add new flavors to the […]


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