When you get a review from Sushiball Games, you get content that provides viewers with detailed player insight about your game.

Our Instagram is our main social media where our 1,000+ followers actively comment and interact with the content we post about games. We love being a part of this community and sharing games we review and play with others.

Genres we have reviewed previously include Family, Horror, Card Drafting, Creative Writing, Dice, Building, Set Collecting, Competitive, Co-Operative, and More. Our Instagram shows our breadth of styles we go for.

Notes about our reviews: We believe in the importance of transparency and honesty with our reviews. We believe in being fair in our posts, delivering both our opinions for the areas of excellence in a title as well as areas for improvement.

Examples of Past Projects

Elements of the Gods by Side Room Games

Genre: Strategy and Action Drafting
We reviewed this game as a pre-Kickstarter preview. Their campaign featured our quote and video and we created an Instagram review as well.

Bunny Party At Maple Valley by Evans Games

Genre: Family Games and Card Drafting
We did a pre-Kickstarter preview for this title. While our focus is now on written reviews vs. video, our Youtube content library provides examples of the review style that we have, which is ever developing as we grow.

Knot Dice/Knot Dice Squared by Black Oak Games

Genre: Dice and Pattern Building
We reviewed this product as an already published game set. We looked at both the base game and expansion, making sure that our viewers had access to the information they needed on why we found the expansion added more to gameplay.

Crimson Woods by Red Clover Gaming

Genres: Horror and Tile Exploration
We reviewed this game pre-Kickstarter. We were honored that Red Clover Gaming decided to use some of our photography to promote their campaign on their Kickstarter page.

Past YouTube Library EXAMPLES
We focus on written
reviews now but this
content shows the
review style we go for.

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