Trust Me, I’m A Superhero by Half-Monster Games Review

Half-Monster Games sent us a copy of their game Trust Me, I’m A Superhero to review. They also have Trust Me, I’m A Doctor in this series! In this superhero game everyone is a superhero except the current player who takes the turn as a citizen with a cry for help that they need to choose a superhero to help them with.

We were very excited about this title and concept because we cosplay as superheroes. We actually met in costume at a convention! As comic and board game fans, this game really had our interest.

Every Superhero gets ready by picking a Superhero descriptor and power descriptor from their decks. Once all superheroes have chosen their combination, the citizen reveals the problem they need solved. Then all superheroes have to let them know why they’d be perfect for the job. This can be pretty wacky as you try to describe how Time-Traveling Boots could help fight off a zombie hoard. We liked this concept because it really is a fun way to be creative with your answers but gives structure and limitation as you have to still reference your super and your power picks in why you should win.

This is personal preference but we much prefer the rule from their other game Trust Me, I’m A Doctor where you choose your cards after the current player reveals the problem instead of before. This is easy to implement with house rules. Choosing your super power and hero type after the citizen reveals their problem gives a lot more freedom to the Superhero players. When we played the first way we came across some issues where the problem was something like “My wifi isn’t working and I’ve already tried resetting the router!” and the superhero cards chosen were “Shrinking Bicycle”. You can come up with a scenario for that but it is definitely harder. We do see the reason for the rule as it is, because it is supposed to be a challenge, but like it the other way around.

The game creators came up with some very fun cards. It is what we expect when it comes to Half Monster Games, to always come up with quality scenarios and ideas. This is what makes their card games so lively. The theme of the super and power cards range vastly so you can get something futuristic, animated objects, medieval, so many things!

If you like games that are social, silly, and creative, Trust Me, I’m A Superhero has those traits to offer. It is fast paced so you can finish a game in 15 minutes or so. The first person to have 3 wins as a superhero wins the entire game!

Language Barrier Playability: The game relies on words and language. It has a light amount of text but seems to have language as a main element.

Replayability: There is plenty replayability because there are a lot of citizen scenarios and your superhero combos will be different every time.

Artwork: Cute! Clean designs, a great logo, and nice warm color scheme.

Quality: The thickness of the cards is nice. The box is also our favorite type of box — small, compact, with a nice lid that opens like a book.

Strategy: You have to be strategic to win! Even if that means talking about how your teammates superpowers wouldn’t work as well as yours in a situation. Banter is encouraged!

Instruction Manual: Easy peasy. They advertise it as a game that takes 2 minutes to learn, which is accurate. This is a plus in our book! We like when we can get to playing pretty quickly especially with a group.

Organization: The box is our favorite style, but the cards do move around a bit in the box. You also can’t really fit all of one type on a single side, it has to go on both sides. That’s not a huge deal though since set up is very easy.

Bonus not that relevant pictures of us as superheroes:

Photo credit wicked_dreams_media

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