Battle Pufs – The Card Game

We were given the opportunity to review Battle Pufs Battle Pak coming soon to Kickstarter in April! A link will be posted at the end of the review so you can check out the campaign as it unfolds. Battle Pufs is a game wherein 2-6 players battle until one player (or in this case puf) is left standing. It is a quick, light strategy card game that is easy to learn and play. Pufs are tiny creatures that have the unique ability to ignite into flames as they perish. They were hunted as kindling until they eventually found their own world and thrived and that’s where out game begins. The Pufs have engaged in battle to find out who the toughest and strongest is.

Set up is quite easy, there are two types of cards that form the Battle Deck and the Pufs Deck. These two decks should be pretty obvious, one contains battle cards and the other holds the Pufs. Puf cards have a popularity level measured by stars, with the lowest value at 0 and maximum of 10 stars. The cards have cute little cartoony artwork that is unique in both art and flavor text (One of our favorites is Doug, with his low popularity of 1 star and caption of “Oh Doug”). Some of the Pufs have special abilities that alter the gameplay slightly if they are in your play area. These abilities are always a good thing and give you an advantage but not to the point of being unfair to other players.

If Doug drew this attack card on the left with his face on it, he’d gain an extra attack!
Setup of 3 Pufs each, with the opponent having one invisible Puf (flipped over card)

The Battle Deck is the main deck you will be using. You should have 7 cards throughout most of the game (sometimes this will change slightly depending on cards that are at play) and these cards are used to attack your opponent, defend yourself, up your attack power or increase your defense power. You can use as many power cards as you want during your turn and then you can attack a Puf. To attack you simply play an attack card and pick which of your Pufs is attacking and which Puf is being attacked. The player that was attacked can defend themselves by playing a defense card or if they cannot or choose not to their Puf is defeated. If they have an ignite card they can take out their opponents in a fiery ball of fury. This was a pretty great mechanic as you can turn the tables on your opponents. Attack cards are unique and each card features unique artwork that matches a Puf. If the Puf attacking matches the card being played it counts as two cards. Some cards offer special defenses such as making yourself invisible or fortifying your defenses. When a Puf is fortified they require two attack cards to deal damage. If they are invisible they are immune to attacks except for Ghost Hunt which stops them from being invisible. If a Puf has both then the two defenses stack making it quite the tough Puf.

Cheetoe begins battle with Twitch by playing the Blitz attack

Gameplay continues in this manner, with each play attacking the other (if wanted and possible) until only one player has Pufs remaining. There is an alternate way of playing which is timed but we did not do this play style as the game is short enough as it is. Strategy is light on this game with only the possibility of attacking and defending being your only real ways to strategize. This would be a good game to play with kids as the artwork is adorable, strategy is easy and the symbols are not particularly difficult to remember or distinguish. The symbols are color coded but also have symbols that would make it easy for the colorblind community.

Check out their Kickstarter here for their upcoming launch!

Cover and Sir Fluffles

Language Barrier Playability: moderately difficult. The flavor text and icons would have to be memorized by all players at the table. While it would not be hard to play it would be difficult to strategize while having to translate. You would also have to translate the special abilities for individual Pufs.

Hand of cards

Replayability: Moderate. The game offers a lot of possibilities and comes with 32 Pufs to play with. Each game requires 3 Pufs per player so your abilities and strategies will change each game.

Artwork: Great. Simple and cute. The game has 32 unique Puf cards, 32 unique attack cards and unique art for 17 different types of cards for a whopping 81 unique art pieces.

Adorable side of the prototype box

Quality: The Pre-Kickstarter version we were given for review was of great quality. The cards and box were sturdy and well made. These may or may not change pending the campaign.

Strategy: Light. This is a game that is aimed at younger audiences and is light on strategy.

Instruction Manual: The manual we received is well made and easy to read. Some steps in learning how to play were a little tough to understand but once play begins it makes sense.

Organization: Great. The box is large enough to hold the two decks separately and without having to split the decks between both compartments. The final packaging may or may not change pending the campaign.

Cards in the box. We love how one deck says “Battle” and the other says “Pufs”, incorporating the game name but also saying what each deck contains.

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