Welcome to Our Site

We started our board game reviews in August 2020 and we never expected it to take off as quickly as it has. We started with a picture of our dog Sushi on Instagram (if any of you are curious why we are Sushiball Games, Sushiball is one of our dogs nicknames). Sushi loves to be at the table whenever a board game is being played, we’re not sure if it is because he likes the games or the attention!

Instagram has been our active platform and we wanted to journey into more in depth reviews to compliment that page. We ventured into the world of YouTube but found that we still really wanted to write out longer posts about these games that we play and enjoy. We want to provide content for anyone who is looking for a new game or revisiting old games.

Board games have been a big part of our lives, a way to be close to friends and family, a distraction from the world’s stresses, adventures that await inside cardboard cases.

We appreciate all of the people who have helped us to grow, who’ve taken the time to read our content and talk with us about their own game experiences. We’ve made many friends along the way and we want to keep bringing content to you that is both fun and entertaining to read.

Welcome to sushiballgames.com, come for the Sushi, stay for the board games!

P.S. Sushi says “Hello, plz subscwibe. Every click getz me treats.”

This is the Instagram picture that started it all

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