Disney Mickey and Friends: Food Fight Published by The Op Games – Roll as fast as you can!

We had the opportunity to review Disney Mickey and Friends: Food Fight published by The Op and may have found a new family favorite. We played this game with our young nephew and 92 year old grandmother and everyone in between and it seemed to be a big hit. You are either throwing food at your opponents or trying to collect as much as you can on your plate in one of the variants!

The amount of food you start with depends on player count (and if a child is playing they get less to start with). The food items (Mickey ice cream, hot dogs, hamburgers, sodas, and fries) are thick tokens and very sturdy. You can organize them on your plate to start but be prepared that the plates will get messy!

Tray backings, middle tray, and round winning metals!

The food fight begins as each person tries to get rid of all the food on their tray. Each person rolls three die to determine their action and turns ars simultaneous. There are three types of dice. There is a number die that tells you how many food items you’ll be moving; a food die that shows you what food you will take; and a directional die that tells you whether you’re taking it from another player or the middle tray. The food and the directional die both have one side that is player’s choice which we really liked because it gave some freedom. Instead of taking from the left or right player, when rolling the player’s choice die someone could take from a player across the table if they wanted. Sometimes a player to your immediate left or right does not have the full amount but the player across from you does so it can help score some more tokens.

Beginning of the game set up for 4 players, we found it helpful to keep the trays near the center for easier reach.

We found it most important to roll the dice quickly over and over and if you can’t fulfill the action, just roll again until you get an action that can be completed. It is not worth it to shake the dice in your hand as one might normally do when rolling dice. Also roll them nearby as the table gets messy quickly in this game! If you want to make it even harder you can add the additional rule where everytime a 3 is rolled for left or right you switch trays.

Example dice roll

The main version of the game is fun but we actually thought the alternate version was even more hectic and competitive where food needs to be collected from the center tray and stolen from other players. The most food on a tray wins. We played with a small tweak to the rules for this version. Normally you begin with a token of each food type but for extra difficulty we played ours with nothing to start and being able to take only from the center until it is possible to steal from other players. The hardest part of this version is at the beginning when the only option to take from is the tray and the goal is to roll the tray side on the die. Then once other people get food on their trays you can start stealing their precious food.

Alternate play – collecting as much food as possible until the middle tray runs out!

The game is quick paced and only takes about 10 minutes for a round. We sometimes played rounds all one way or switched it up with the alternates. The variety made the game stay interesting as well as the extremely competitive element. It is satisfying to receive a medal at the end of a round and you can go for three rounds as the game suggests or more if you want a longer game!

Food tokens

Language Barrier Playability: Once rules are learned, no language needed! The dice have symbols that have no dependency on language. These are our favorite types of games because they can be played with different language speakers at the same time.

Replayability: Very replayable and easy to bring out with family. We found we could play it with board gamers and non board gamers with success and each party wanted to play more. This is definitely a game that can be (and probably will be) played multiple times in one sitting.

Artwork: The artwork on the pieces is very cute, and we liked the back of the trays but felt the front of the trays weren’t as decorative. The old fashioned Mickey Mouse style is really appealing and classic. We also found that was a nice theme because when we played with gamers and non gamers they all knew the characters they wanted because everyone knows Mickey Mouse!

Individual tray

Quality: The food pieces are really solid and easy to pick up and don’t damage. The front of the trays did seem to scratch after just a few games but it isn’t really noticeable. The dice are nice too, easy to roll and light.

Strategy: Very light. Even when the dice pretty much tell you what action to take there are sides of the dice that allow you to choose what tray to take or give to and what food item. This allows you to quickly try to collect as many items as possible from the person of your choosing or the item of your choosing. Often when players would roll player’s choice they’d take action against the person closest to winning!

Instruction Manual: Very easy! The rules can be learned in about three minutes. The variants are also easy to understand.

Organization: Easy organization and everything fits in the box well! The box is also small and thin, which we like because the game shelf gets full quickly. Also the organization makes it easy to transport and start playing anywhere.


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